Case Study 4: Migration To Cloud / Cloud Based Solutions

Service Type: Cloud based business

Name: Mr Bennett

Business of Customer: Accountant

Summary: Mr Bennett enquired to have his business operations be transferred to the cloud in order to increase productivity and decrease risk to his business.

Description: Running a highly successful business is not easy and making the decision to change how the operations of the business are conducted is risky and requires good project management and experience. That is why Mr Bennett instructed Cosstec IT Solution to help transfer his highly successful accountancy business onto the cloud.

Transferring business operations onto the cloud is not an operation which can always be completed during office hours. It requires highly skilled and knowledgeable IT professionals to be able to conduct the smooth transfer within a small window of time.

Cosstec IT Solutions staff successfully transferred Mr Bennett s business onto the cloud within a weekend (48 hours) and ensured the system was ready for his team of accountants and administrators to come to work on Monday morning and continue their duties.  Here are some of the tasks our expert team completed during the weekend while working tirelessly into the late hours to ensure the successful completion of the project;

  • Retire local server
  • Replace local server with cloud based server
  • Wipe clean PC’s and set-up remote access
  • Copy all files and data to cloud
  • Clean up all machines and speed up
  • Liaise with cloud Server Company
  • Install Security systems
  • Configure all related network devices
  • Upgrade relevant software and/or devices
  • Install VOIP

As an extra duty of care, Cosstec IT Solutions has continued checking up on the IT Security of Mr Bennett’s cloud based system to help prevent any security issues.

Another Happy Customer!

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