Case Study 3: New Website / Web Development

Service Type: New Website / Web Development

Name: Penny Sanderson-Phillips

Business of Customer: Legal

Summary: Penny contacted Cosstec IT Solutions having paid another web development company thousands of pounds to create a bespoke website. Unfortunately this company who had pretended to be UK based but was in fact based abroad stopped addressing Penny’s requirements and eventually stopped all communication. Penny was left with a partly finished project and out of pocket with important business deadlines looming.

Description: As soon as Penny approached Cosstec IT Solutions for help, we quickly took over the project and relieved Penny from the stresses associated so she could concentrate on running her business. We soon noticed that the previous web development company had cut allot of corners and had not honoured the promises they had made to Penny during the initial talks. Our first task was to inspect every aspect of the partly completed website so we could correct any coding/programming errors before beginning the process to complete all the uncompleted tasks.

Once the errors had been resolved, we began to check with Penny what her original idea for the website was so we could ensure she was receiving a product which she had already paid for. We successfully finished the design and launch of the website in accordance to Penny’s specifications and within a very short space of time. Needless to say, Penny was very thankful.

We also advised Penny to change the images on her website to create a more uniform and professional look and provided additional features such as booking forms, new product pages and training to Penny to help her manage her own website going forward.

Another Happy Customer!

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