Service Type: Computer Repair

Name: Lucy O’Neill

Type of Customer: Residential

Summary: Lucy had saved all the photos of her children she had taken on her smart phone over a period of 6 years onto a single laptop and was hoping to transfer all the images to a second machine as back-up. One day, while Lucy was browsing the internet, her beloved laptop stopped working and instantly shut down. Lucy was unable to transfer any images before disaster struck and she was unable to access any of her happy memories as the laptop simply would not respond or even turn back on.

Description: Lucy had not noticed any technical flaws with her laptop as it was performing as well as it ever had. Then one day, as Lucy surfed the web, her laptop stopped working and she was unable to restart the machine. The laptop was quite old so Lucy was not too worried about the machine however her cause for concern was that all her photos from her smart phone over the previous 6 years had been saved onto the laptop and most of these were the photos of her two children aged 6 and 3.

Lucy brought her laptop to our offices in Barnet, London and we were able to replace a vital component which was preventing the machine from starting and successfully restarted the machine. Once we could access the laptop, we discovered that the hard drive was also damaged.  We replaced the hard drive with a new one, extracted all the photos (and other data) from the old hard drive and added it to the new hard drive.

We also helped Lucy register a new account for the cloud which would allow her to upload and save all her images to the cloud and as a consequence prevent her from ever losing those happy memories ever again. Another happy customer!

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