Service Type: Data Back-up and Recovery

Name: Matthew Key

Business of Customer: Financial Claims Management

Summary: Damage was caused to an external hard drive containing vital company data. Unable to continue doing any business without urgent recovery of the lost data, COSSTEC IT Solutions came to the aid of Matthew and provided the following service.

Description: Matthew contacted COSSTEC IT Solutions having accidentally damaged his external hard drive which was being used as not only a server to host the company database but also as a central digital data storage point for all its staff.

Matthew had attempted to move the external hard drive during a weekly presentation when he noticed the positioning of the hard drive was not quite right. As he attempted to correct the position of the hard drive, he dropped it and in an instant all the staff were unable to continue with their work as the connection to the storage files and database was lost and all the saved data became inaccessible.

Having attempted to re-start the hard drive a number of times, Matthew realised he needed some professional assistance. He first contacted a number of so-called specialist data recovery companies but they were all charging thousands of pounds without the guarantee of full data recovery. As an owner of a small company, Matthew could not afford these high fees.

When Matthew called COSSTEC IT Solutions, he was stressed, worried and close to hitting the panic button. We asked Matthew to have the external hard drive delivered to us. Once it had arrived, COSSTEC IT Solutions was able to provide a very reasonable and very affordable quote which included the full recovery of the stored data and the cost of a replacement external hard drive.

We also created a new protocol for the hard drive to automatically save all data to a third location during non-working hours. This ensured that should such a similar issue arise again, the data and access to it would remain with the company.

Within a short space of time, we had helped Matthew and his employees to get back to work.

Another happy customer!

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