Is it easy to build a website with Word Press?

It is a fair statement to make that since WordPress emerged in 2003; the process of building websites has become better in many ways.

Let’s first get some techy stuff out of the way. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, typically used with the MySQL or MariaDB database servers. Features include a plugin and a template system, and for everyday businesses and consumers, this may not necessarily mean too much, but for website builders and developers, it is very relevant.

Today, WordPress has been used over 60 million times for building and launching new websites. We can comfortably assume that as far as new websites go, WordPress is the most popular website system used by developers, including COSSTEC IT Solutions!

So how does it work? WordPress has to be installed on a web server such as the ones Cosstec IT Solutions use. Once installed, new website developers can install themes in accordance to the look and feel they want and the key functionalities they are looking for. On the opposite side of this demand, programmers around the world create templates which are either general or they are theme specific. They then sell these templates to website developers who use them to customise the appearance and features in order to suit their clients’ needs and requirements.

Why are theme templates a good idea?

When decent theme templates are used (A decent one costs under $100 or there are free ones available with less functionality), the benefits can be considerable. For example, if a Theme is created especially for an IT Services company such as COSSTEC IT Solutions, a considerable amount of time and cost can be saved. Because the themed template will be used by service companies based in the IT industry; the images used by the designer will be relevant to the IT industry. This saves cost because the website developer may not need to buy further images. Furthermore, the functionality of the website will be created by the designer to suit an IT company which further reduces the time and labour required by a website developer to create such a look and feel. Finally, because the programmers who create such templates create sample pages with fake content then these sample pages can be used by website developers to create pages and posts with real content and this helps with the work and time required (considerably) to complete a website.

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How do plugins help? Think of a website as a property; let’s say a house and you are a website developer. WordPress is the bricks and mortar i.e. the structure of the digital real estate and the template being used as the fixture and fittings i.e. the theme-specific or the fitted wardrobes. The plugins, therefore, can be assumed to be the moveable digital furniture and you as the website owner can choose which plugin best suits your requirements and/or the look and feel of the website.

Is it really that easy? Well, yes and no. If all you need is a 2-page website, for example, to display information such as your address and contact details then yes, it is that easy. If however you require a more purposeful website, i.e. to enable your customers to shop on your site and purchase your products, or to make bookings for one of your events, then some additional coding will be required and sometimes that can be a very specialist task which then requires professional website developers such as COSSTEC IT Solutions to come in and not only create a beautiful website but also one which works for your needs and helps the business create more revenue. Businesses should bear in mind that websites can and should be created in order to be an asset and as we know, assets create wealth and income.

If you would like our web development services to either create a new website or re-vamp an existing one then please call the number above or email us using the Contact Us page. We provide a free and non-obligatory quote which is very competitive. COSSTEC IT Solutions can often create a new website within hours or days and can even help you keep it updated.

TIP: Remember to do this with New Website plugins – UPDATE THEM! Out of date plugins can be a nuisance and cause security issues and/or cause your website not to function correctly.

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